St Jeannet Villa

A presentation and booking website for a French luxury villa.


St. Jeannet Villa part of AndersenArt Group
Espergærde, Denmark

Services and features

  • Created a very clean design expressing the feeling of the villa
  • Easy to use back-end where all content and pictures can be changed
  • The system is built so translations for multiple languages can be added easily
  • Booking form and calendar plugins were used to manage availability


“Working with Arb Design was inspiring. They listened to our thoughts, ideas and what we wanted and turned it into a website which we are very proud of. They have been professional in their work and have often replied to our enquiries immediately.

The website they created for us meets our needs with a content management system that is easy to use and contact forms and a calendar we can keep updated without their help.

We were expecting it to take until the second season to get the website established. But over the course of one month we have already booked all of July – just one month after launch.

It’s great to work with a company that delivers more than expected!”

Peter Grossmann

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Open-Source based CMS and intranet


Bo Michelsen: Betonrenovering betonentreprenørfirmaBo Michelsen A/S
Tønder, Denmark

A corporate CMS-backed website with integrated intranet.


  • Through a design process we found a graphical identity for the company
  • Easy to learn and easy to use content management system
  • Protected, blog-based intranet to easily communicate between management and workers

 CMS and intranet based on WordPress

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Rota Board: Online Scheduling Tool

Rota Board

A web application that lets you manage your employees in an simple, easy and organized way.


  • Simple and easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Create regular and recurring shifts (define your shift patterns)
  • Send notifications and share your online schedule with your staff members.
  • See your staff’s weekly payable hours at a glance

RotaBoard - the simple work planner


“The site’s drag and drop interface is easy to use—there’s no need to spend hours trying to get the program to work as you want it to.”

“You can create regular and recurring shifts. And moving someone’s shift is as easy as dragging and dropping. Once you’re done with the schedule, you can e-mail it to your employees. It’s a snap!”
- Kim Komando’s cool site of the day.

“I have a physical disability and I have care attendants that I have to manage – I’ve been looking for something exactly like Rota Board. Thank you!”
- Jon Little, New Zealand

“Rota Board is an excellent tool!!! I use it for my suppliers to offer meetings based on my online schedule!!!”
- Martin Novotný, Czech Republic

Feature Development

Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Worked as external developers on the social network site for Danish students
  • Implemented features such as Invitations, Groups and Photo Albums.

Screenshots from

Online Work Organizing and Reporting Application

Randers, Denmark


  • Designed, developed and maintains Afløser an online calendar application to manage temporary workers across Denmark.
  • Built a planning tool that enables autonomous groups to self organize.
  • Interview and observation of the users of the system to understand the current work flow
  • Used paper mockups to progress through three initial iterations of interaction design
  • Created the interaction and visual design to facilitate an easy overview and functional usage.

Afløser Kalenderen -


“Thanks for the collaboration concerning the employers work calendar and month reporting facilities. I have appreciated the earnestness you have put into solving the task, as well as your understanding for the changes we have proposed during the process.

It is my clear perception that we have been given a product that will be used daily by AI technicians and the administration. I’d especially like to highlight the Temp Management Application you have built – it is invaluable to us.”

Jens Borup
Regional Director

Biomedical Analysis Software

Visit Menlo InnovationsMenlo Innovations LLC
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


  • Off-site software development of CFlowâ„¢ a complex bio-instrumental analysis software in Java.
  • Conducted as a part of an Agile Software Development team using test driven development, pair programming, story cards and weekly iterations.

CFlow [tm] - Accuri Cytometer


“The founders of Arb Design are quite well known to us here at Menlo Innovations. Their work ethic and integrity makes them a pleasure to do business with. Their friendship makes them fun to do business with. Their knowledge and intelligence makes them a perfect choice to do business with.”

Rich Sheridan
President & CEO
Menlo Innovations LLC

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