1,000 users and 10,000 visits at Rotaboard


  1. Aulay says:

    Hey guys, what kind of numbers you have now? I have not seen much activity on this blog for ages!

  2. admin says:

    Hey Aulay, thanks for your comment. Yes, we admit that we are bad at keeping this blog updated. But rest assured we are still here and still keeping Rotaboard alive and working on the next edition.

    At the current rate the numbers for Rotaboard are doubling each year, so the current numbers are; a total of approximately 150,000 visits, a million page views and 10,000 accounts.

  3. [...] en del arbejdstimer bag, men ellers har det ikke kostet os noget. Da vi lancerede Rotaboard i beta gik tingene af sig selv, og vi har nu efter 1½ måned haft 35.000 besøg. Jeg tror vi har fået denne eksponering, fordi [...]

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